Web Browsing Issue

I’m having the exact same problem as the person in this post. The issue was never resolved. I have been using comodo for the past few years and this is the first time I’ve encountered this problem.

What I’ve discerned so far…I was on a static IP, DNS server from free open DNS, but changing any of these things made no effect on the slow down of fire fox. Switched to internet explorer same slow down. Changed to a clean version of firefox on a fresh profile…no change. Changed out to a laptop on the same ethernet connection and it works fine, so i dont think its a hardware or physical connection issue. Wireless on laptop works fine as well.

then randomly I closed comodo out of frustration and the connection righted itself and started working normally again.

I did upgrade to a newer computer a month or so ago, but the problem didnt appear immediately but after a few weeks, so I can’t rule out that it isn’t the new hardware, but it seems unlikely.

That is where I am at…any ideas or insight would be greatly appreciated.