Web Browsers

Have been using Opera for three or so years and wouldn’t be without it. Keyboard navigation (which I use more than the mouse), mouse gestures, “magic wand” for passwords (ctrl+enter, btw), a superbe and configurable interface, and fast browsing are just some of the things that makes Opera the best browser in my mind anyway. And let’s not forget the built-in mail and RSS reader… :wink:

By the way, how come there seems to be so many Opera users in these forums when Opera only holds a 1% something market share? Perhaps Opera and Comodo should engage in joint ventures? :slight_smile:

Looks like I am the only one using Google Chrome. Ah well. I like it. :slight_smile:

Chrome is based on safari no ? But then only a tweaked version ?


Yes it uses Safari engine (WebKit)
Its really good engine.


I use Safari on Mac and Opera on Windows :slight_smile:

Well, finally you make good choises Commodus :wink:



Yeah! The panic button is all set. I’m going to see a few more things and see what I can do with all those option on Opera help page… very informative!!!

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I use Firefox, and I’m proud of it!

ff3 here. :slight_smile:

IMO, almost everything is better than IE

I just noticed now! Yes, lame, I know! :lol:

If you go to Favorites - Bookmarks, you will see reference to Firefox add-ons, in Opera, that is. Why is that? Not that we (Opera users) can use any of the Firefox add-ons. That’s odd, no?

I don’t like Opera because some most web-pages I use often don’t display well in it. :-\

  1. I wouldn’t say most webpages.

  2. I prefer thinking the other way around - I don’t like webpages that don’t display well. :wink: After all, Opera just follows standards… better than all the others I think.


I said most webpages I use, not most webpages.

For me, I try to use the program that works best for me. After comparing Opera and FF, FF fits my needs much better. For example, my email website doesn’t work well with Opera, but works almost perfect with FF.

Does that really help a badly coded page to be diplayed correctly? I thought it just fooled pages that e.g. only give you permission to view them if you have IE. For example my internet bank says “your browser is not recommended”, but I would probably get rid of that message if I chosed the “mask as IE option”.

Of course you should use the browser that fits you. :wink:


Yep. Do you know what the main two reasons are?: 1. I like foxes; 2. I like fire. :slight_smile:

Oooo…A pyro friend. :slight_smile:

Opera is just great out the box, I liked google Chrome when I tried it… but there were a few things that wouldn’t work correctly on some sites such as java plugins

No you won’t, unless you imported your old Firefox favourites into Opera. ;D

Indeed! Opera is just amazing. It is faster than any other browser that I have tried. More secure, right out of the box. Prettier, right out of the box. ■■■■ it! I even made my owen security button (Thanks LA!!! You rock!!), which rocks! And will be digging a little further on the so many options we have to make customized buttons. It is just amazing.

Firefox, for example, is a safe browser, but, I think that to make it, at least, at the same level of Opera, we need to add a few security add-ons, such as ad-blockplus, noscript (I now can block all javascript with a button for all sites and just allow then per a basis site!! Thanks again, LA!!! :wink: ), etc…

About Google Chrome, I never tested it and never plan to, but I saw some news that Google is trying to “pressure” OEMs to include it on their machines!!! ■■■■ it! One more junk we got to uninstall…

But I didn’t! Thats what’s odd! :o ??? 88)