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OPERA FTW!!! I use only (most of the time) Opera, and sometimes Firefox, IE, Safari, and Chrome. Switch to OPERA Now!!! Woooo!!!


I swear there is about 50 threads on this. ;D


hmmfftt >:(
so The Ryan is messing with The Ganda huh? >:(

i use Firefox now. with addons (hautesecure & orbit downloader).
i’ve read once that Firefox needs some addon to achieve the same level of security with default Opera. (not really understand what it means :stuck_out_tongue: )

got question. other than “security” reason, what makes you think we should switch to opera? is it faster? lighter? anything?

I haw used Opera for 4 years now… soo yeah I use Opera.


Opera for the win !!! (:LGH) (as in all the other threads)


I use Opera. For a few badly coded webpages designed for the browser that has 70% (?) of the world market, I use IE6.

Faster, lighter, and you can customize it even more that Firefox I think! :slight_smile:


i’ll switch then 88)

Be aware though, some people (including me 88)) miss NoScript and Adblock. However, I think NoScript is not really needed if you don’t visit the most suspicious site out there (and you have Defense+). Adblock can be replaced by Opera’s built in Content Blocker. :-TU


i don’t use those paranoid addons 88)

Then you’ll be fine with Opera. (:HUG)

Lets not forget your super security botton!!! :■■■■

I cannot use E-legitimation/BankID with Opera. >:( Have you tried?

That’s an old IE you use! :o I use IE8 beta 2, if I cannot use Opera.

You have great memory! (:CLP)

It’s been a while since I tried E-legitimation/BankID, but most likely I will have to do it the next few days. I’ll tell you if it works in Opera then. :slight_smile:

I use IE 6 because it’s less bloated than 7 or 8. In the Program Files\Internet Explorer folder I’ve removed every file except IEXPLORE.EXE. ;D When I do use IE (maybe once a week) it’s strictly for trusted sites, so I see no security concerns.


I use the Opera Broswer here.

Hi all, Orca Browser V1.1 RC1 faster than Firefox V3, based on enhanced Firefox Gecko Engine with Firefox addon & extension capability
Regards and cheers (:KWL)
Xman (:KWL)

But Opera is still faster no ?


I don’t know if you mean something special with “E-legitimation/BankID”, but I do quite a lot of bank transactions (all of them) and purchases on-line, with Opera all right. It’s only HTTPS. ???

NoScript-like functionality is also included in Opera, and much more, just press F12.

Safer, faster. Can be used as email, chat client, news, feed reader, can download torrents, and yet it’s much lighter than any one of the other many programs that you’d need to do all that. In short it’s your Internet in a box, streamlined.

Hehe, Opera is winning here in Geekland, although it’s completely unknown in mainstream and the media never talk about it, even when they talk about Firefox all the time, and Safari, and Google’s beta browser…

Yeah, but that’s because Opera is good…


Hi Xan, google for reviews on Orcas’ V1.1 RC1 page load speed & features
Xman (:KWL)

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