Web based Remote Access?

how about Comodo offering a web based remote access, bit like gotomypc or logmein?
would that be of interest?
Would you pay for it?
What are you looking for in a product like this?


Yes! That would very good actually. :slight_smile:

Yep… Deffo! It would be very helpful for family and friends.

Ummm… Free for personal use like EasyVPN? Please. :slight_smile:

Along with the above, LogMeIn and web based remote access services like it offer limited features in their free versions. I’m not the type to pay for such a thing… Knowing Comodo, and having it free for personal use and charge for bussiness use like EasyVPN, without cutting down features would be excellent, like Comodo have always done. I am looking for speed, a wide range of tools and options available and don’t want to feel limited. :slight_smile:


In my opinion the most user-friendly remote desktop solution has TeamViewer.

Take a look at their QuickSupport executable (1.38 MB): it is totally zero configuration solution for a client (no need to install anything, admin credentials are not necessary). Just run it and pass login details to remote supporter.

If you want to control server or other client without any actions needed on client side you use TeamViewerHost (runs as Windows service).

Even on support machine no need to install anything - you can use TeamViewer in portable mode (admin credentials are not necessary).

All this stuff is free for personal use as far as i know.

With such intelligent remote desktop implementation I never bothered about their (or anyone else’) web based service.

I wouldn’t use it… I don’t think many would… It would have to be pretty special if you wanted to get it sellling. lol

Hello Comodo Staff & Melih,

It’s quite some time since I last posted back in the Comodo Beta Firewall & AV days…

1st let me just say that I am a very heavy Hamachi user and posted some of the very first “How to’s” on how to securely setup use Hamachi and WinVNC together for a solid, free or low cost remote management solution. I now have hundreds of clients all over the West Coast that I use Hamachi with either WinVNC (XP) or UltraVNC (Vista & Win7-64) to remotely manage and frankly my livelihood now depends quite heavily on these solutions being essentially a single parent of two… My Business clients pay for Hamachi Premium, my Homes users use free solution.

I’m here writing today in part because LogMein is doing an incredibly ill conceived and frankly somewhat desperate feeling move to increase revenue by marketing a supposedly upgraded version of Hamachi that is more complicated and demanding to use at a greater cost. While I can understand the need for any corporate entity to make more money, the way they are going about it has a shady feel with little real result other then headache & annoyance.

I can see the writing on the wall and I believe that I will have to abandon Hamachi within the next few months when they will force all to upgrade to their version 2.x.

So I am thrilled and a little concerned to see Melih & Comodo moving in the same direction as Hamachi with the additions Remote Desktop built in, using the privatized IP scheme that Hamachi uses.

My 1st thought was wondering if Comodo had licensed use of 5 series IP addresses and technology from LogMein. Though I would guess that ICANN or other governing body may be managing this particular IP channel…

My “little concerned” feeling comes from spending a couple of years trying to work with Comodo’s Firewall and AV products when they were free, wrestling with so many issues, bugs, instabilities, not the least of which was trying to get my Hamachi/WinVNC remote access to work properly with other Comodo products. I finally just gave up lacking any more time to make everything work with Comodo products. Not that there wasn’t pleasantly staffed Forum help among other, I simply ran out of personal time to do R&D with the Comodo lineup.

Having said this I do believe in what you / Comodo are doing and plan to be a part of it if the following are in place:

  • Low Cost non-personal use (Hamachi’s 1.0x licensing was acceptable)
  • Free for my Home based End User Clients (though I expect to pay)
  • My cost on managing so many Home & Business end user systems – reasonable like I have been paying for years with Hamachi, annually.
  • Secure but flexible VPN where I can set it for my best case scenario
  • Able to turn off encryption if I want to for groups or individuals
  • Able to use common group passwords or phrases for specific networks
  • Mediation Server alternative in case of outage or heavy use (unlike Hamachi)
  • Ability to continue to use WinVNC or UltraVNC if I want to where required
  • Ability to give clients Remote Desktop on VPN for their own personal use (mobile to Home etc.)

There are lots of other items I could add to this but would be happy as could be if these were in place.

As far as gaming goes, I have setup friends and family to game over Hamachi but always with issues and problems. I don’t think the original Hamachi designer intended to make it a great MP gaming platform but some support is there.

Melih, I would encourage Comodo forward with EasyVPN but with caution, to insure that difficult balance between profitability and wide user base benefit that Hamachi really touched on and now LogMein is sabotaging so lamely. I know for myself, that I will happily move to Comodo EasyVPN as soon as it tests stable for my needs irregardless of what LogMein does simply because they’ve really shown themselves untrustworthy with how they are handling Hamachi with regard to millions of users that depend on this product like myself to such a very great degree.

It might interest you to know that I wrote LogMein Exec staff a few days after the acquisition of Hamachi strongly encouraging them to take care Not to pull the licensing rug out from under so many that depend on this product and at the time they responded with a very clear “We will always keep Hamachi free for home and low cost for business with the same functionalities and simplicity…” I think I may have also mentioned that I would personally organize a global class legal action against them with lots of entertaining publicity if they pulled the rug out from under me and those like me that depended so heavily on the solution… I felt pretty strongly about it at the time as I was under far more stress and strain then I am now, primarily around raising two young children and growing my business to an acceptable level…

Thanks so much for the positive influence that you and Comodo are on the World, Sher

Thank you for the informative post WhereAnglesr, really appreciate the feedback.

Easyvpn is our own solution and the latest version was released yesterday which we believe have solved many bugs. Would love to hear your opinion on that.

What do you recommend in licensing? I see Easyvpn as a different product than the web based remote access product. So how do you think we should license these 2 different applications? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. The more detailed the better please. We want to build and deliver products and licensing models that our users want.


…Thanks for the reply Melih!

I’ve setup lab systems with Win7-64 RC as I am pegging a good deal this next year on Win7 migrations. I’m also currently pulling together a migration plan for my clients, should be fun and a very good year all things being equal… Anyway, I will be testing EasyVPN in so much as the way I would need to use it normally. I also understand that it’s really new so I won’t be harsh, just encouraging towards what needs to be done.

I’ll be setting up vanilla Win7-64 system with MS Security Essentials in place since I plan for this to be my basic rollout security package. All network connections both wired and wireless will be set as “Work Networks” as is my common practice. None of the test systems will have Hamachi on them nor have ever had it on them to be sure there is no compounded issue/s. After a bit of testing though I will want to see if UltraVNC can be used on top of EasyVPN as an optional Remote Desktop solution though certainly I will enjoy checking out what you’ve got cooked up in the way of Remote Desktop within the EasyVPN solution.

With regard to pricing, boy that’s a loaded question.

I try to come at everything from a Win / Win perspective but not entirely sure what a Winning result would be for Comodo without knowing core costs and overhead among much else.

What would feel good and easy to myself and my clients would be for Homes to be free if at all possible. For work, for instance a work system that needs to be accessed from Home only every so often, might need a basic work license, say $39 per year, for a work system such as mine with hundreds of clients there would probably need to be Consultant license with degrees of cost. Perhaps $128 per year for up to 128 clients, $256 for up to 256 clients and so on. This kind of feels like a badge of performance, perhaps the 128 is silver, 256 gold and 512 platinum. So you are essentially making the higher cost very positive feeling, almost a reward, the cost becomes inconsequential in a sense since “My Business has doubled in the last 2 years” kind of feeling is more important.

Additionally a Gaming optimized version designed for LAN parties in groups of up to 5 (brawl), up to 10 (Dog Fight), up to 25 (Meyhem) and so on… Again using positive reinforcement to offset concerns around cost.

I think the thing about feeling something is too expensive has much more to do with fear of “having spent too much this month” as an example. Additionally, focussed positive feelings and mental icons such as “Silver, Gold and Meyhem” help reduce the feeling of overwhelm around the pricing matrix. In the current case of LogMein’s Hamachi2, after looking through their new offerings and costs after some effort to find these, I could only scratch my head and state to myself “who on earth is running that show?” I was left with more questions leaving the site then I had come with, Yikes!

This also to say “Hey, let’s keep it simple and to the point everywhere possible”. If I want to purchase for a client with 10 systems including a Server, I should be able to do that. Speaking of Servers, I’m not sure a license for a Server should cost more since access to it really isn’t generally more then a workstation. Having said that, someone who is routing large amounts of Data through the EasyVPN, perhaps there may be something there worth looking at with regard to increased costs.

Some of my thoughts for what they are worth, again thanks so much for being open to suggestions and constructive feedback, warmly, Sher

Good Morning All,

Well, this morning I got all setup with 2 Windows7-64 RC systems and discovered that EasyVPN 64 will not install (see attached) so I can NOT test the way I would like to. I do have a couple of Vista64 systems, one that I use as the primary Home Entertainment system and the other as a unused Lab System.

Can I ask when a Win7 functional versions will be available? Besides testing EasyVPN and assuming tests go well, I would want to begin setting up a production modality for this on all my systems as standard Remote Desktop foundation.

With regard to my above post, I have not been fair as I really haven’t tested the new Comodo AV or Firewall in some time and after reading a bit about them here and there on the Web, I can see that both have seen much refinement and are worthy of a examination and use by all.

Additionally and after re-reading my post and taking a greater look at what has been done as well as the commercial pricing on EasyVPN, I can see I spoke before really checking it out and though the post above was meant to help catalyse, it is also comes from an uninformed and somewhat tired perspective both in content and with regard to my exhausted physical & mental state at the time… Thanks for allowing my Humaness… Sher

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