We really really need an updated IceDragon Browser

So I like how IceDragon is sleek and only runs 5 processes. It great for systems with 1-4GB of ram. With that said I noticed that Bitwaden extension and website will NOT load using IceDragon. Can someone help try figure out how to get it to work with IceDragon?

Hi blaze2051,

Thank you very much for your feedback.
Please follow the below steps in order to use Bitwarden extension with Comodo IceDragon :

1)Click on : Bitwarden - Free Password Manager version history - 25 versions – Add-ons for Firefox (en-US)

2)Locate Version 1.48.1 or Version 1.47.1 (you’ll find the versions on the bottom of the page)

3)Click on Download File

4)Click on “Add”, then click “OK”

The extension should now be visible and functional using our browser.

Note: Before following the above steps please make sure you remove any versions of Bitwarden Extension from IceDragon .

Thank you!
Comodo Ice Browser Team