We need web protection

We need things like tracking cookie blocking, javascript/activeX control blocking, ad blocking, anti phishing and popup blocking and I don’t mean via the browser.

once siteinspector is integrated into cis it will help block exploit sites

That’s great news as many suites have script and JavaScript, ad, popup blocking or filtering like Zonealarm, Outpost and others. :slight_smile: I hope Comodo can focus more on this type of security because it is lacking this protection.

I already suggested a “download sandbox” where every file downloaded during a browsing session is saved in a sandbox. Comodo would intercept all files downloaded to the PC during the browsing session, and then the users could purge these files when the browser is closed, or move any files to my safe files or my pending files.

That way the user does not even have to worry about malware leaking out of the browser jail to be installed.

I hope i hope I hope…

this is not even an option these days (browser security), it should be mandatory in most suites…at the top of the list of priorities.

Using web protection will be great, If it does not slow down the connection… :stuck_out_tongue:

A Web protection module is only good if its compatible with most browsers AND doesn’t slow down a connection, Comodo Secure DNS is a great alternative if its too be improved.

:-TD Ad and popup blocking components are not needed for CIS. Many AV companies have removed these features because addons like adblock plus, no-script, trafficlight, etc.

Web Protection; Web Browser…

hmmm sounds so similar for some reason, I wonder why… Oh thats right because Web Protection is up to the Web Browser…

It’s not up to the Internet Security Suite’s or any other Security Software;

Chromium is Open Source; Take that and invest technologies into it… Oh wait! Comodo already did :stuck_out_tongue: Comodo Dragon, based on Chromium

i test siteinspector a lot and it does really well. comodo is working on implementing this into cis/dragon. i havent heard anything on how they are implementing it into cis but its on the roadmap.

You idea of an internet security suite is different than mine.

one things that many don’t understand is that the thing needs to be downloaded in order t do harm or anything alike, so weather the page is stopped or downloaded is indifferent.