Way to mimic multiple rulesets for same application?

I have created two different rulesets, one called DNS and the other called Multicast Name Resolution. Each contains sets of rules I like keeping defined and labelled separately.

I need both rulesets to be in effect for svchost.exe. COMODO thwarts this by only allowing one ruleset to be applied to one application and not allowing an application to be listed twice. Are there any workarounds? Thanks.

Make a custom policy in which you combine these two policies. Also when making the new ruleset you can only import one of the two. You will have to manually add the rules of the second ruleset.

If I understand correctly, you’re saying I must create a 3rd ruleset called “DNS + Multicast Name Resolution” and manually enter each of the rules contained in the other two rulesets.

That doesn’t serve me well, as then I’d have the same rule information entered in multiple different places plus I’d have two distinct sets of rules lumped together in one pile. That’s the sort of error-prone arrangement of my rules I’m trying to avoid.

Unfortunately it is not possible to merge two existing rulesets in a new one.

The only way to go is to make a 3 rd ruleset as you stated. You can however enter one ruleset in the new ruleset but you will have to manually add the rules of the other ruleset. I’m sorry. :-\

You could make it a wish and submit in CIS-Wishlist following the format as stated in the stickies.