Wat makes me stick wit Keepass for so long

ok, here’s da answer:
1.Keepass has portable version dat’s always in my thumb drive

  1. da database comprises only 1 file so its so convenient. i always copy-paste database to my portable hard disk and my thumb drive in case and can use it wenever and wherever i wan wit keepass portable version.

i’m not sure i-vault got onli 1 database file or not coz i havn’t tried since i kno it can’t b portable.

but i-vault is more promising for me as its also a form filler.

as soon as i-vault has these 2 functions abov, i definitely move 2 i-vault. (:HUG)

can any comodo staff giv me a date? hehe… (:NRD)

and 2 things more 2 add:

  1. i heard someone said i-vault dun work wit Opera? if dat’s the case, so bad coz i’m a hardcore Opera user.

  2. its a gud idea if an anti-keylogger virtual keyboard is integrated wit i-vault. everytime i use Keepass on other PCs, i need to use Mouse-only-keyboard to input my master key.
    it’s unneccessary if i use on my own comp coz i got cpf3 and cpf3 should inform me abt any attepmt to log my keystrokes or capture my screen.
    But u’r absolutely unsure abt ur fren’s comp.

  1. iVault will not automatically populate login fields within any browser except IE. You can Copy/Paste each piece of info into the browser though; these do not use Windows clipboard, are secure, and one-time use only (cannot multi-paste). Without the separate plug-in for Keepass, you can’t automatically populate fields either…

So yes, iVault can work w/any browser; it’s only the form-filler that won’t work.

  1. Yes, the db is only one file, just like Keepass.

  2. Right now on my machine, iVault is running 13.5M active (I used it to open a site and log in); by way of comparison, Keepass is running at 9.6M active.

  3. iVault does have an anti-keylogger function. It’s not a virtual keyboard, but it is there. Part of it’s the form-filler, and part is the secure Copy/Paste function. And there may be some other aspects as well. Not sure how it would do against a screen-capture version of a keylogger.

  4. iVault does not have a portable installation version as does Keepass; I don’t think it would install on a USB drive, as it writes to the system. The db file is fully portable, though; you can store that on a thumb-drive.

Hope that helps,


  1. i haven’t tried with opera, the integration with IE is quite good.

  2. i-Vault stores your informations in encrypted format in one or more - it’s up to you, you can create more files (ex. one for work, another for leasure time) - files, the size is up to the contents. Right now i got a 29kbytes large .civ file with 25 mixed datas.

  3. i-vault ~13MBytes at task manager

hey thank u so much for those info ( i guess Arkangyal informed LM to answer my qns :slight_smile: )

ok, portable version, form-filler feature r not so important.

ye i understand.
So u mean for the leasure-time database, i can store all my porn sites info? wow, its gr8, lol

But ~13M is lil much (compared to Keepass), i’m very high demanding on resource.

1 more qn: I’ve tried Roboform but not remember whether its database file is 1-file-only or not. Keepass, I-vault : 1-file-only. So is it all the form-filler, password manager apps r 1-file-only database apps? if dat case then my above qn abt this matter was redundant.

I don’t know about Roboform; I’ve never wanted to pay.

( i guess Arkangyal informed LM to answer my qns)
Actually, no. I was making my rounds and read the thread there, so I found your topic here and responded. ;)

Yes, you can create multiple databases for iVault (for that matter you can for Keepass as well) so you can keep all your “extra-curricular” activities in a separate db.


haha, so Arkangyal, u dun haf to mix ur datas in 1 file. Just create another db for ur xtra xxtra xxxtra-curriculars

Yet i don’t have datas required at places you would think about ;). Anyway, nor i think anyone should be there when i’m wathing over those datas, so i found no problems storing all the datas in one file (:KWL).

PS: LM is a quite helpful person, can answer most of your questions.


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