Warning with Windows Defender [RESOLVED]


I have installed comodo firewall and like it so far.

I recieved this warning with Windows Defender
Severity : High
Description: Suspicious Behaviour (MSASCui.exe
Application : C:/program Files/ Windows Defender/MSASCui.exe
Parent :C:/Windows/Explorer.exe
Protocal :UDP IN
Remote :

Details : C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/OFFICE11/ WINWORD>EXE has modified the the User Interface of the Parent Application C:/Windows/Explorer.exe by sending special window messages.

I have never recieved this type of warning with any other firewall, should i be concerned?

Also what does invisible Application mean.

Cheers Pete

There isn’t any need to be concerned. Windows Defender just isn’t recognized by CPF as a “Safe Progam” I run WD as my antispyware. MSCUI is just one of it’s components. Sorry, I don’t know any further information on this one but I’ve not had any problems.


Hi and Thanks Eric

I thought maybe that was what it was.
You have put my mind (if i can locate it) at rest ::slight_smile:

Cheers Pete


Below is a quote from the help menu of CPF describing what an invisible connection is:

Invisible Application : This alert occurs when an application tries to invisibly connect to the internet. Invisible connection attempts may represent a risk of Trojan or spyware application.

Basically, it tries to connect without being seen.

Hope this helps,

Hi mike6688

Thanks for you info i will make sure i check the help menu in future.

Cheers pete