warning pop ups

ever since i installed comodo i get always get pop up warnings asking me if i accept,is their any way i can stop these warning popups from appearing ? thanks

Hi alandt,

To stop pop-up warnings, set CPF’s Secuirty Level to ‘Allow all’, tho I don’t recommend it. If you get annoyed by the pop-ups, there’s no point in having a firewall, as it’s job is to give you annoying pop-ups to ask you if you want to allow/deny an application to access Internet. But if you want less pop-up warnings, open up CPF Interface, go to Secuirty->Advanced and click ‘Configure’ under ‘Miscellaneous’ and set ‘Alert Frequency Level’ to ‘Low’ or ‘Very Low’, tho I recommend at least ‘Low’. Also, remember to check ‘Remember my answer’-box, so you won’t get a warning each time you run the application :wink: