Warning from System, blocked but will it affect anything?

Hi, I’m quite new here so I hope this is the right place to post this. I do apologise in advance if I do post this in the wrong thread. :cry:

I’m currently using COMODO Firewall that I got free from cnet.

While I was going around doing my surfing a warning popped up from CFW. I can’t exactly remember what the warning said, but checking from the logs here the application that wanted access was from System. The protocol is UDP and the source and destination port is 138.

The thing is this warning suddenly popped up while I was in a website that I felt wasn’t really safe. So I blocked it, although since it said that it was from System, I unchecked the “remember my answer” box. No warning followed after that.

I did some reading around and I found out port 138 had something to do with NetBios or something. But some say that it can be a malware using that port to enter my system. The thing is I’m not too good with the technical aspects. ???

The question now though, is that since I blocked it, will it affect anything? Like will I suddenly have no connections to sites or something? So far my net connection seems fine.

Normally I would have allowed the process but because it popped up so suddenly when I wasn’t running any programs or any installation, and I was in a website I felt wasn’t safe, I’m not too sure. Hearing too many stories of imposter malware running amok.

Please advice. =)

if you blocked it im pretty confident that your safe :-TU :-TU