warning for www.postfinance.ch

It is to my understanding that this issue should be resolved later today. Thank you for your patience ‘smettler’!

This should all be flushed out of our network by now, please let me know if you have any more issues.

As already informed by Brian that false-positive has been fixed, just want to explain how it works.

When we say false-positive, it means malware domain list, which DNS uses to inform users in case they browse to that site had www.postfinance.ch in it and now has been removed from this list.

When DNS sees a domain belonging to malware list, we show a warning page to user.

In addition to this false-positive, for short time, we had two other false-positive for mail.ru and yandex.ru, which have also been removed.

There have been certain users who have construed warning page from Comodo as one from malware site itself and have also speculated that DNS servers have been compromised, there has not been any such incidence but false-positive as have been explained above.

We are further reviewing are process of adding domains into blacklist and hope to have such cases avoided in future.

Thanks for your co-operation