Warning about Flashget

Hi I get the following warning message pretty often:


If I’m not mistaken comodo is trying to warn me about flashget (download manager), which I run together with firefox. But I don’t understand the message about keyloggers, which is worrying. If I allow it am I susceptable to keyloggers. Should I switch to another downloader instead? Thanks.


Hi czest

Without seeing what was in the “Show Libraries…” window, you cannot really tell if this pop-up is a duplicate or not, since it might be referencing a different DLL component. Check CFPs Log file to see if the entries are really duplicates (the Libraries referenced should be listed).

Unless there is a suspicious Library listed in your Log, then you are not specifically susceptible to key loggers if you Allow this action (remembered).

However… on reading this, it seems that FlashGet might contain spyware. So, it would probably be a good idea be to investigate that first.

Kail, I’d like to say thanks for pointing me to that flashget discussion. It’s interesting. Recently I’ve begun to have suspicion about this software, but I won’t go into details here. It could be due to flashget or hundreds of other possible causes.

I’d have a look at some other download managers… thanks again.

Have a look at Freshdownload (http://www.freshdevices.com). Nice DL manager and they’ve got a few other bits of nice freeware (FreshFTP is quite good).

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: