Warning! A threat detected

I disabled in comodo antivirus, firewall and defense+ all what I could disabled. I unpacked darkcomet 5.3.1f to the folder. After that I pressed two times on the DarkComet.exe . Again the message appear Warning! A threat to your computer has been detected! I chose the option No, I will try to clean it myself. Then appear malware quarantine and the icon of DarkComet.exe disappeared. How to deactivate all functions in comodo antivirus?

Why would you disable the firewall and Defnese plus. to disable the AV you right click on the tray icon and in antivirus, click on disabled. And what is the Poll for? And is Dark comet legitamate, cuz if it is, report it as FP in the link I will provide.

If you want it to be allowed. you go to advanced settings then too file rating. check under unrecognized files first, it might be there. If it is, move it to trusted files. If not go to trusted files and directly add it there.