Warcraft 3 - each connection to battle.net needs new approvement [Help]

since I installed CPF v.3, Defense+ creates a new dll in my w3 folder and requests for approvment each time I connect to battle.net within Warcraft III.
Meanwhile I have 12 dll files in my folder. They are named:
d:\Spiele\Warcraft III\ver-IX86-1.dll
d:\Spiele\Warcraft III\ver-IX86-2.dll
d:\Spiele\Warcraft III\ver-IX86-3.dll

This didn’t happend with CPF v.2.
Any idea?
Greetings, Jesko

The .dll’s probably get downloaded from the game site and they are different each time or get renamed to something other than what is already on there to stop conflicts. The next time it gives you a popup you could set it to “Treat as an Installer” and that might stop it from asking each time.