Wanted to ask some questions about Comondo Internet Security

HI was wondering if someone could please help me answer some questions for me about Comondo Internet Security.

Is Comondo internet security suite really free no charge?

Is Comondo internet security suite also free no charge for product upgrades?

Does Comondo internet security suite work with Windows vista home basic systems?

How much ram does Comondo Internet security require on computer running Windows Vista Basic?

Will the firewall that comes with comondo internet security work with my widnows Firewall that I have all ready installed on my computer?

Will Comondo internet security work with my security center that I have with my Windows Home Basic system?

Will Comondo internet security work with my broadband connection and will it also protect my Local Network connection as well?

How many years has Comondo been a business?

What other Companies is Comondo associated with example Microsoft?

Is it true that when I use Comondo Internet security I do not have to pay a fee to upgrade the software and their is no fee for defintion updates ever?

I have never used the products or this website before so please forgive me for all the questions.

please provide full sentences for answers to questions please
thanks for your time and effort have a good evening.

Yes it is really free ( just remember when installing to uncheck to install the tool bar/change homepage and search engine)

Yes product upgrades are also free, see above.

When running on my computer it uses less than 10MB ram.

Works great with any vista system.

My computer is vista ultimate for ram question see above.

What you do is disable windows firewall when installing CIS, there is no need for it because CIS is way better.

Works great with security center, completely integrates.

Works great with broadband, and what do you mean protect your local network?

Founded in 1998 so over 10 years.

Don’t know about partners, I never bothered to look.

Yes it really is FREE, no fees for anything. :o

I trust comodo and only comodo. It is almost too good to be true, but it IS. Also I really like how all the staff is so into the forums, same with Melih (CEO and Founder). Usually this isnt the case. Comodo is also the best and its free. PC mag rated comodo firewall #1. All these products ruly are bettter than all those paid bloatware.

try comodo.

it will not dissapoint you! Trust me



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John Buchanan, Global Moderator

Just to add to whats been said already… There is a pay version of CIS called “pro”… Upon install CIS will ask you if to go for pro or not… The big different is that the PRO version comes with remote support “if” you get infected, or if you believe you have been infected… =) However the free version is none crippled (meaning all functionality is there) and usually you might just as well ask stuff in the forum if something goes wrong or you believe to have an infection… =)

If I where you I would go for the free version… since it seems like you are out for free top notch security!

Hard to believe isn’t it howard31? ;D

I’ve just read your Post, and those were the same questions I had when I was about to try it months ago.

But once you try CIS (and learn how to use it), I am quite sure that you will be VERY impressed, as the answer is Yes to ALL of the questions which require Yes/No answers. :-TU

All your question are answered already, see how quick this forum works thanks to all forum members for it.
One correction though howard, its comodo internet security not comondo internet security :wink:

Yes comodo is free. forever ;D
You can upgrade to the pro version which gives you trust connect and live support 24/7 that does cost you $37 or 39$ (cant remember)a year.

You don’t need to upgrade though, Free version provides just the same level of protection for computers. I think the only reason youd need live pc support is if you grandparents installed it on their pc’s.

99% of the questions you have ther members will be glad to help you with.