Wanted to ask some questions about Comodo antivirus free

HI I am a new user I have not used Comodo antivirus free yet I am only looking for imformation to make a decisions on wether I should switch antivirus programs since I have a new desktop computer that is currently running windows 10 64 bit operating system. You see back when I had a free antivirus on my previous computer witch was Windows Vista second edition. This free antivirus company witch will remain nameless let a virus through and I have often wondered if their was a better free antivirus product that could do a better job of protecting my desktop computer. So this is why I am searching and reading reviews on different free antivirus products. I have recently read some reviews about Comodo antivirus that say it is no good and then the next review says it is a good product. I must say that I am more then confused on the reviews about Comodo antivirus free. Yes I do understand that free antivirus products do not get every virus or threat out on the internet but it would be nice to have an antivirus that would try to stop the virus or even remove the virus some of the time and not let the virus or threat mess up your computer or slow it down.
What are some of the things that make Comodo antivirus free different from other antivirus product please explain.
Is there a comodo in Canada?
How long has Comodo been in business for?
Thank you very much and have a good day

hi Jolly38,

Comodo works in a different way to protect you. You can watch the video here to understand how it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq31kqKiQ4I also, there are other resources at www.comodo.tv to educate yourself.

The problem is the “unknown” files. You will see what I mean when you watch the videos.

Comodo has been in business over 15 years.


The way Comodo protects you, is different from other AV companies.
Comodo focuses on sandboxing every unknown file so if the file is harmful it cannot infect your pc.
If you are willing to try a new endpoint protection, you can also try CIS (Comodo Internet Security) that is a complete program with Antivirus, Auto-sandbox and firewall (https://www.comodo.com/home/internet-security/free-internet-security.php)

hI I was wondering is the comodo internet security suite really free no charge to install and use for free no charge at all? The other question I have is what features does Comodo antivirus free have in it does it have a sandbox feature as well?

Thanks everyone for your answers to my questions answers are very helpful.


Note: there is 2 paid version com Comodo Internet Security.

Comodo Internet Security Pro 8


Comodo Internet Security Complete 8

Make Sure you go to the down left corner in Comodo installer,
For a button that says (Customize Upgrade).
Comodo installs GeekBuddy 24/7 Live PC Support and Chromodo Browser by default, unless you uncheck it.

Comodo Antivirus:

HIPS off by default

Comodo Internet Security:
HIPS off by default

Comodo Firewall:
Auto-Sandbox off by default
HIPS on by default

HI I was wondering if I find that Comodo antivirus free or comondo internet Security are not for me how do I completely remove these products from my Windows 10 desktop computer?


hI I was wondering will Comodo antivirus free scan incoming and receiving email through pop 3 email servers?


You use the uninstaller provided…from the Windows menu…its a standard uninstall.

The way Comodo operates you don’t necessarily need all these unnecessary plugins for email, web etc.

^ This.
If you have a POP3 email account, the emails are saved locally so the AV engine will scan them. But here we are trying to say that Comodo doesn’t rely solely on AV engine (like other AV products), if you open an unknown (a wanna-be evil file) attachment or an unknown downloaded file, you are protected because the file will be run into the sandbox

HI does Comodo antivirus free scan pop3 email servers both incoming and out going email does Comodo Antivirus free scan it? I was also wondering is Comodo.com located where is its main office located? Is their a comondo in canada?


HI just wanted to ask another question about Comodo antivirus free does it update its definitions continuously in the background? What rewards has Comodo antivirus received?


Our Headquarter is in NJ, USA.
Comodo updates its definitions continuously in the background.


Comodo has never believed in adding extra scanners (email, IM etc) all files regardless of where they come from have to be written to disk at some point. When this happens CIS/CCAV will scan them.

HI I was wondering will Comodo antivirus free have spyware protection and zero day protection?

Thanks everyone for your advice and help

The autosandbox will protect against everything

HI I was wondering if I could please ask an important question about Comodo I was wondering how can I be sure that Comodo security solutions is a legitimate company and not scam company giving away scammed software how can I also be sure that the software comodo gives away for free such as the Comodo Internet security software and the free antivirus software comodo offers for me is also legitimate software?
The reason I want to ask this question is because I have never had any comodo software or used any comodo software on my computers in the past and I just want to ask this question to satisfy myself before doing business with any company in the near future. So I ask you to please understand why I asked this question it is simply to just verify that Comodo is a legitimate company? Thanks very much for understanding Comodo team.

thanks Comodo team

CIS Certifications, Test Results & Reviews will show how real it is. Please check the renowned Proactive Security Challenge 64 alongside all the reviews in the Tests topic.

Comodo is market leader certificate authority and just a bit bigger than Symantec in this market. Other than that Comodo has business security products.

The following question gets asked often: Give all that for FREE!!! What’s the Catch? How does Comodo Make Money?

Jolly38, have in mind that COMODO security softwares (atleast CIS and now, almost there, CCAV too) just keeps your computer safe and they work quite well, and for free…

These softwares can be trusted and we, users talking, complaining and trolling in this forum, are prove of it.

This same company has an freaking CEO that “talks” to us, his users/clients, every now and then… where else do you see it?

Another thing to have in mind: In here, in this forum, You will be wellcomed and will have much fun with us, users like you. Have a sit, have a nice cold ■■■■ and lets have some fun while our computers are safe for free…

/merchandise off… :stuck_out_tongue: