Want to try AV, but?

Firewall has been installed for a while. My question is this:

If I choose to install standalone AV from the CIS pkg,when running the installation, will it install JUST the AV and leave firewall as is? If it won’t what will occur?

Hey Pat. Just to clarify, which version of the firewall do you currently have installed? If you already have firewall v4, then you don’t need to download the AV. Go the Start menu > Comodo > Add / Remove components → should give you the option to install the AV.

Hey Soyabeaner! Sounds to easy! Running 4.0 but problem is I can’t find the Start Menu! Have looked everywhere, no joy. Help? ???

The start menu is the start button in Windows. Click it, go to all programs and follow the steps Soyabeaner gave you. :wink:

HELLOOOOOOOOO! Lordy, know I am old, but I knew that! Was looking in control panel as it has been a while since I’ve used this feature. Anyway, it is exactly as Soybeaner said, gives me the option to either repair/change/remove either one. DIDN’T know that…even SENIORS can still learn something! :o 88)