Wander Burst

I believe some downloads from Websites accident to get Wander Burst ads pop up many times. I uninstalled Wander Burst and remove Wander Burst ads from Chrome by clicking the red X, however, the ads show up again after i open another page. I also use Window defend to remove many threats. But they might be not removed completely because CPU at idle time(no search no action on laptop) sometimes go to 45% from 2% and Disk tab in Task manager go to Red 99% even 100%. It may be caused by Wander Burst because i did google and found many bad information about this from lots of article. I pick up a random page from google results: PcCaretIps.com is for sale | HugeDomains saying that Wander Burst is an adware? Never get this word before but I think it is a kind of malware. Any advices to remove this thing??

Wander Burst appears to be a useful tool designed to enhance your browsing experience. However, it is an adware program which is both annoying and harmful. It changes browser settings, DNS settings and Hosts file without any permission in order to pour a number of advertisements on the user’s browser and generate annoying redirects. It even stealthily collects the user’s personal information for marketing or commercial purposes. Therefore, it is important that this adware be removed without any delay. Here are some articles that provide guide to remove Wander Burst adware:

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Hope them will be helpful.