Wake function doesn't work

Hi dear Comodo users and staff,

Since a few weeks I’m using CESM 3.0 for my business.
I was glad to see that a ‘Wake’ function is available. However, after activating Wake-On-Lan in de BIOS of my Dell machines and turning off the machine with the CESM control panel, the machine can’t be turned on with ‘Wake’.

The Help function doesn’t mention the Wake function, and on the forums is only 1 post about it: the announcement that the feature has been added to the product.

Could you help me out?

Kind regards,


In order for Wake feature to work correctly endpoint and CESM server should be in the same subnet. Also the following conditions should be met:

  • Enable WOL in BIOS (from boot);
  • Enable WOL for your Ethernet Card (i.e. NIC);
  • Install Windows Feature “Simple TCPIP services”;
  • Start Service “Simple TCP/IP Service” (enables ports 7 and 9);
  • Open UDP for Port 9 in Windows Firewall.

Please also try to set the endpoint in hibernate and try to wake it up.
What options do you have enabled under your power management for the network adapter?
‘allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’
‘allow this device to wake the computer’
‘only allow a magic packet to wake the computer’

Open Network and Sharing Center (click the Start button, type Network and Sharing in the Start Search box, and press Enter).
Click the Change adapter settings link in the upper left of the navigation pane.
Right click the network connection you want to enable/disable power management support on and click Properties .
Click Configure , On the Power Management tab.

What network adapter type do you have on your Dell machines?
Do they have the latest driver installed?