"Waiting for TrustLogo validation" for a few days already


I work for 1staudiovisual group.
Basically, I want to sign up for Hacker Proof logo for my company website (http://www.1staudiovisual.co.uk)
My company used to sign up with the trail of SSL certificate before.
So, I don’t think it should take this long to verify the website( now, I waiting about 3 days already…!!).
Can you check it for me please?
May be if you require something then I can provide you to make it a bit up to speed. :BNC

Please, contact support at http://support.comodo.com – they will help you to get it resolved asap.

On your sure becuase your take to long to response to a ticket

Hi saturn_nuo,
As per my knowledge this request for TrustLogo has been completed by support.
Can you please confirm?