Waiting for answers on submitted files?

I am new to Comodo Antivirus

I have recentlly submitted some suspect and quarantined files
How long does it normally take to get them checked out?
What can I expect as a result of submitted files, how am I notified of results and what do I do with the resullts?

If you submitted them through CIS, you will never get a response.

If you submit either through the forum or the website, you will get a response. And for whatever reason, submitting through CIS has the slowest processing time.

More details here:
How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting !


Just to give an idea of the files bring detected as suspicious and in the “pending files”

typically a lot fof files C\windows\system32.…OGAAddin.dl.mui from microsoft
also \windows\assembly\native images… all from microsoft corp and listed as " untrusted"

Some “quarantined” files include…
User\AppData\local\temp …GU-69C9.tmp , …GU-FA3D.tmp etc