Wait for New Comodo DNS or Not!?

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After I know Comodo Apps I using Comodo SecureDNS without any slowdown internet and false blocking. The last week I visit SecureDNS.dns.com and see an option for sign up for beta access to next major SecureDNS version! I sign in BUT still not receive anything from Comodo for sign in to Beta-Page!! ??? ???

Now my question is this! current version of SecureDNS still works fine for web threats!? (depending all reviews that released on the forums or stop workings!!) :-[ :-[

Now, I have SecureDNS (for web threats) and Hosts file (self-develop :-\ ) (for porn sites blocking). You offer to me wait for new SecureDNS for porn sites blocking or temporary use OpenDNS or NortonDNS :cry: (Only for porn sites blocking) as an 3rd and 4rd DNS addresses?

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Thank you for your interest in SecureDNS. New signups for the SecureDNS beta with content filtering are added to a wait list and invited to use the full service as we open it up to more users.

SecureDNS uses Comodo’s own set of anti-malware and anti-phishing filters to block dangerous domains. If you need the other features today, such as customized site blocking, then you may want to temporarily use another service and check back with SecureDNS again in a few weeks or keep an eye on your inbox for an invitation to use the beta features.

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SecureDNS uses [b]Comodo's own set of anti-malware and anti-phishing filters[/b] to block dangerous domains.
I'm hoping to use the products of COMODO and using... :-*

My Mac manually added to the network (without DHCP), can I use SecureDNS at router (for Guest Devices) and manullay on individual system (such as my Mac or family’ PC) in the same time? This case will be conflict?

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Configuring only the router is fine.

Any settings configured on an individual PC will take precedence over your router settings. So if your router is set to SecureDNS, you can leave the PC settings to obtain DNS server addresses automatically.

If you have the same addresses on the router and PC, it will not conflict.