Vunerability analyzer

Just ran a scan and winpcap comes up as vunerable. Although this is in program files its not in add & remove. The folder states it was created 2/10/08 vers 3.1. What should I do next?

I think this should be in this board:

Winpcap should have an add/remove program entry. What you do depends on if you use it or not. Do you use a packet sniffer (eg. Wireshark) or something like that?

As for removing Winpcap without the add/remove entry, it would probably be easiest to reinstall it again to get the add/remove entry back. Removing it manually would be fairly awkward.

edit: OK… moving it now.

I just reinstalled to factory settings about a month ago so it must have come preinstalled. To my knowledge I don’t have any software involved with winpcap! What does it do anyway. When I did the reinstall I had lots of AOL products which I removed could it be a leftover item? Thanks

I’m not sure about AOL… but, Winpcap should not be installed by default… it is “suspicious” for it to just be there. It can be abused. Download it again here (only 538KB) & reinstall it. Then un-install it via Winpcap’s add/remove entry & run VA again.

Also which bit (file) of Winpcap is VA detecting? Does it mention the Winpcap version?

Hi Version 3.1 C\WINDOWS\system32 This dialog The IOCTL 9031 (BIOCGSTATS) handler in the NPF.SYS device driver in WinPcap before 4.0.1 allows local users to overwrite memory and execute arbitrary code via malformed Interrupt Request Packet (Irp) parameters.

Just done a search for wpcap.dll it may have something to do with my acer empowering technology

Is your computer XP
As on my Vista computer with Acer empowerng technology could not find wpcap.dll searched advanced everywhere including non-index/hidden/system files.

Yes its xp. Other dll’s with the same install date are in the enet of the acer folder.

No enet folder on Vista.

Enet is built in acer wireless searching program. I therefore think wincap must be tied in with that. If it is dont think I need to update wincap as I use windows wireless setup. Just found this -The eNet service is an Acer-specific connection management program. You can check its status through control panel.

Go into Control Panel and from there into Administrative Tools. The Services list is there.

I did not have a wireless connection on my desktop when I bought it install since so I did not have this service.
Thanks for reminding me I have download updates from Acer though they have not given one for eRecovery just for the other 3 I have on my computer.
Many thanks