Vulnerability in Image Render Microsoft: Can Comodo Protect Against it?


I just found this post which informs about the vulnerability in MS products which some malware in Images can use to take over the pc…


MS Temporary fixed this

So Can Comodo IS protect against such malwares hidden in images or image formats are skipped in scans and real time?

I’ve never been worried about images before, so though using Comodo for long time never though of it…

This question is for both v5.12 and v6…

Thx in Advance…

I had faced some malicious that are looking like pic. , but comodo can detect them, I saw, I witness :slight_smile:

Ok its good then… Thx…


Security Applications Blocking the Windows Zero-Day Flaw

UPDATE! 2013-11-08
AV-TEST has identified further samples and analyzed them now. We are currently aware of 8 different malicious DOCX files containing the CVE-2013-3906 exploit. The following AV products are able to detect all of these samples using (static) signatures:

AhnLab → Exploit/Cve-2013-3906
AVG → Exploit_c.YWS, Exploit_c.YWT
Avast → TIFF:CVE-2013-3906 [Expl]
Avira → EXP/CVE-2013-3906
Bitdefender → Exploit.CVE-2013-3906.Gen
ClamAV → Win.Exploit.CVE_2013_3906-2, BC.Exploit.CVE_2013_3906.CVE_2013_3906
ESET NOD32 → Win32/Exploit.CVE-2013-3906.A
F-Secure → Exploit.CVE-2013-3906.Gen
G Data → Exploit.CVE-2013-3906.Gen
Kaspersky → Exploit.MSOffice.CVE-2013-3906.a, Exploit.OLE2.CVE-2012-1856.b
McAfee → Exploit-CVE2013-3906
Microsoft → Exploit:Win32/CVE-2013-3906
Norman → Shellcode.B, Shellcode.D
Norton → Trojan.Hantiff, Trojan.Mdropper

Note: Products / vendors not listed are either not yet tested or won’t provide a full coverage yet (e.g. they are only detecting some but not all of the samples).