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This statement is directly at odds with the “Log Files” section of Comodo’s privacy agreement

Comodo Privacy Agreement (Log Files Section):

[QUOTE]“Comodo Security Solutions uses log files comprising of IP addresses to analyze trends, administer the site, track movements throughout the site, calculate the number of document and file downloads, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use. IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information.”
Melih states:

[QUOTE]“We do NOT have a business model of selling user information nor do we collect and use it.”
Melih states:

[QUOTE]“who exactly may have access to it: Comodo only”
These statements are directly at odds with the “Sharing” section of Comodo’s privacy agreement

Comodo Privacy Agreement (Sharing Section):

[QUOTE]“Comodo Security Solutions will share aggregated demographic information with our partners. This information is not linked to any personal information that can identify any individual person.”
Comodo’s Investor Relations page lists Comodo Group as having a “4500 strong global partner network

This claim is re-iterated by Comodo’s fastfacts.pdf

A. Who are Comodo’s partners?
B. What is Comodo’s definition of “demographic information”?
C. What demographic information is being shared with those partners?
D. How many of Comodo’s “4500 strong global partner network” does Comodo share information collected through CPF with?

E. Does Comodo Personal Firewall connect to Comodo servers or Comodo’s partners at any point beyond initial activation?
F. If the answer to Question E is yes, what information is being relayed back to Comodo during the life cycle of the product?
G. If the answer to Question E is yes, what information is shared with Comodo’s Partners during the life cycle of the product?

I am also interested in a more thorough answer to Melih’s statement about the UI, “it is only used to enforce licensing so that we can measure the success of our products.”

The statement “measure the success of our products,” is a fairly vague and generalized explanation of what is being done with information collected. Does Comodo employ the use of data mining to examine trends in actual software usage?

I look forward to clarification on these topics by Comodo Staff.


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