VPN Services That Take Your Anonymity Seriously, 2013 Edition

Whether you Torrent or not this is a pretty good selection of VPN providers that do what the title says

Thanks for the link!

Was hoping for a new edition containing some information about Anonine. =)

Good one! Thanks for the link. I might use some of them in the future but for now I’m waiting to read about my provider… CyberghostVPN :slight_smile:

Cyberghost is a nice VPN :slight_smile:

I’ve used quite a few over the years but I found HMA to be one of the best performance wise. Sadly, I have heard a few negative things about privacy with them which makes me a little reluctant to use them.

Yeah I just got a year free for it that’s why I use it time to time… I see. Privacy? Like what?


If a provider keeps no logs they have nothing they can be “compelled” to hand over.

I see. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Is HMA a good choice?

Regarding VPN it’s your call. What matters here is the trust… Who do you trust? You can only A this.

Some info about HMA: