VPN Questions

I recently started using a VPN. When I connect to it, I get a Comodo popup indicating a new network. This has happened 5 times, so far, as it looks like the VPN has multiple IP Addresses (the last number changes).

  1. What is the proper response to new network popup?
  2. Is there a way to set up a network so that I do not get the popup each time?
  3. Are there any additional settings to ensure that Comodo is providing the same protection and not unduly hindering anything while I use the VPN?

It all depends on how you use it, but I assume you don’t wish to “trust” traffic coming FROM the VPN tunnel to your PC, only traffic that you initiate right?

Then 1) Id prefer to set auto alert to disabled, because the only reason it’s there is to automatically create trust rules if you select “trust network x”. It creates automatic Allow In/Out rules for that “zone”.

  1. Yes on the alert or on the More, Preferences “Automatically detect new networks”.

  2. Just normal use will protect as much as on a local LAN network.

Thanks Ronny. So you’re saying to leave both check boxes blank when the popup shows up. I guess there isn’t anything to do about it getting a different IP address each time? I think they are local IP addresses. Anyway they don’t match the IP address of the VPN, of course. Thanks for the input.

No, I’d suggest to tick the bottom one

“Do not automatically detect”
This will remove the alert every time you connect to the VPN but you won’t lose any Firewall strength with it.
It’s there for Trusting hosts on the same LAN (2 pc’s, printer etc).

And you can find the same “Do not automatically detect” on More, Preferences.