VPN Detection: Using the firewall as a backup VPN killswitch

Comodo has the capacity to block non-VPN traffic to selected applications if you add the MAC address of your VPN to the list of networks and then create a rule in the rule sets that forces the selected applications to only connect through your VPN once the rule is applied to those applications in the firewall rules.

Comodo FW/I.S. should have some way to label a MAC address in your system as a VPN and then a selection in the firewall rules to force an application to only connect through your VPN

This would provide some peace of mind to know that even if your VPN’s client crashes that your daily used applications won’t connect without your VPN being active. And so if there’s yet undiscovered vulnerabilities in your wireless router like there were in recent years with many brands, the end/home user won’t have to worry that their data got snooped on.

Most VPNs already have the option to block all traffic, when they disconnect, either by fault or on purpose . . . true for Mullvad, SurfShark & TorGuard at least

Yes, but that killswitch doesn’t do anything when the VPN client isn’t actively running. That’s how it works for a lot of VPNs the killswitch only works when the VPN’s client is still open.

That’s why I suggested that comodo should have a way to enforce a VPN connection. It adds a layer of idiot-proofing.

See here :

The VPN I use isn’t quite as aggressive with the killswitch.

People don’t really NEED this feature, but people like me who want a little something extra to be absolutely certain that applications WILL NOT CONNECT without the VPN being active, it will be a good thing to have.