Vote, please, for _3_ very useful features for CIS

Support, please, the offered features. At first, we vote “YES” there where over the first post of a subject it is written Poll (and in the topic #3 opposite to point “Field and Grouping are useful!”)
Secondly, we reply “+1” or as at you imaginations will suffice that the topic “afloat” kept.

  1. - i.e. that in alerts and settings not only IP it was shown, but also domain name.

  2. - we forbid access on reading of important files to all processes, except those for whom it is necessary. For example, only thunderbird.exe needs to read my thunderbird email files.

  3. - a search field (or filter field) to show only desidered pattern in file lists of type “Trusted files”, “Defence+ Rules”, and also list grouping.

Please stop this useless spamming!!! :P0l