Vote Now for the Top Freeware Product of 2010

Go to Gizmo’s Freeware and vote for your favorite freeware product.

My favorite’s missing from the list (Comodo Internet Security), but there are still some very good programs listed.

The poll closes on December 28th.

Last pass

■■■■, i can’t vote.

Mine to. I did vote for PDF-Change viewer and I hope they meant PDF-Xchange viewer by Tracker. Apart from this the list was ok but nothing to exciting. Kind regards

I miss Comodo CIS 5 there…

Mah, no GeSWall. >:( I guess it will have to be Opera then.

Was a toss up between Ccleaner and malwarebytes, but went for Malwarebytes because of how much its improved this year.

Had some trouble voting but it finally worked. It was a tough choice since out of that list I only use SAS, MBAM ,7zip, PDFX-Change, Irfanview, and CCleaner and they’re all excellent. It came down to the one I think is by far the best in it’s field, paid or otherwise and that is 7Zip.

Firefox 3.6 or 7-Zip or Open Office Suite or NotePad ++
→ chose Notepad++

Chose Notepad++

sorry, I use it more than anything else lol


Secunia psi for me, much improved now with auto detection of unsafe applications.

I use a lot of them on that list, it’s a tough choice to just choose one.
So Opera it has to be.

Hi Jake. Nothing wrong with your choice, and I’m sure your sorry is accepted but not required. Everyone is entitled to their own choice and yours being Notepad++ is respected. Kind regards.

I voted for LastPass. :slight_smile:

I voted Opera 10 of course… :smiley:

I voted for the Fox, although I was looking for the Dragon. :stuck_out_tongue:

CCleaner, couldn’t live with out it O0