Vote for comodo

please vote for comodo to be tested here middle of the page there is a poll. Now I know this is test run by a competitor but they seem to be putting comodo off from getting test. I wonder why? :wink: ;D We will have to take the results with a grain of salt because who knows how they will configure comodo. But I still want to see it tested just for the hey of it, and if you do too vote for it.

also check out my video testing blue point and discussing some of the issues I have with it. BluePoint Security ReTest - YouTube

Thank you for this link…

but small correction: it took us millions of dollars to build an AV engine :slight_smile: If anyone can do it for few hundred thousand dollars…call me! :slight_smile:

Joke aside, you are 100% right about how difficult it is to build a decent AV engine…

I like your Logo on the desktop btw :wink:


well you know what I mean, i knew it was millions but if I said that people would call BS, but I know it takes tons of money.

Voted :slight_smile:

I know :slight_smile:

I was just joking around…

keep up the good work :wink:

Your reviews are very informative and very “real”!


Languy99- It looks like you may get your wish soon…


PS- The Bluepoint Security website crashed Opera when I attempted to vote. They may have detected Comodo cookies on the browser.

I posted this in my youtube video but I will also post it here for those who don’t read comments…

I also wanted to add, that when/if they test comodo will really depend on how they measure fail/pass and how comodo is set up.If they measure fail by if the malware even runs then yes everyone will fail. Only a true HIPS will not fail because the malware will not be able to ever run, and comodo can do that. Turn off sandbox and set it to proactive. It will pass with 100% all the time because the first alert it will show is if you want to allow the malware to run and after 120 seconds with no answer it will answer no automatically and it will block everything. But if they measure fail/win on if the system actually gets infected then comodo with the sandbox will always protect the system. The sandbox will let the malware run to a certain extent, it might sit in ram and not be able to do anything or it will drop some files but they can't do anything. If they don't understand how comodo works it could sway the results.

This is a marketing exercise, not a test. The assumption of its methodology is that all this unidentified malware will execute itself on your system.
This highlights the benefits of in-the-cloud detection while disguising its main shortcoming, that being that unless or until the malware gets onto your hard disk or into memory, the cloud can’t stop it.

Now I’m curious if they’ll test CIS. ;D

Melih can you buy BS :stuck_out_tongue: Comodo still needs a cloud AV ;D



we have our own cloud av… :slight_smile:



i voted for malwarebytes and with vpn vipre.
but our antivirus still crash, many falses positive every update of games/utorent, database is becoming corrupted . good job. That was what Melih meant I think, tho it is not a AV but if you look you will see there are plans to link the two together.

Living and learning… I’ve never thought on that. Good shot.

The development of CSC seems to be abandon and was a total failure when they release it.
Still is not very clear how Comodo Cloud Scanning will work but for now doesnt seem to be a total implementation of the cloud into the AV

That’s not true as they have a beta of CCS (2.0) which I am running at the moment. So you are very much mistaken.

CCS is still very much live project with the latest beta in our forum

CCS is designed to “verdict” if a PC is “Safe” …

Its not designed to “verdict” if a PC is “infected”

Just because an AV can’t find infection on a pc does not make that pc safe/clean.

So its a very important product.