Votati pentru Comodo!

Pentru cei care nu au citit forumul principal, puteti vota pentru Comodo pentru a fi testat de catre BluePoint Security.


Cred ca ar fi interesant de stiut care ar fi rezultatul testului. Conform rezultatului momentan al votului, se doreste ca si Comodo Internet Security sa fie urmatorul produs testat! Votati si voi! :wink:

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Am votat deja. De doua ori >:-D

!ot!Ciudat ca WOT ii da doar rank galben, deci site-ul nu e foarte de incredere ???

Din pacate, se pare ca cei de la bluepointsecurity au o “jena” sa testeze Comodo (cu siguranta nici nu-l vor testa) - asta despre obiectivitatea acestui site fata de toate produsele implicate in testare :-TD
Mai jos am adaugat cateva dintre “discutiile” daca le pot numi asa dintre mine si cei de la bluepointsecurity:

Ovidiu G. 6/24/2010 2:22:28 PM Which is the product on the market that prevents malware coming into my computer in the first place? I'm secure with a product that has high detection rate? Definitely not! Prevention of infection does not mean the high rate of detection but the way wich a completely unknown malware is prevented from accessing your computer. To the growing number of new malwares and their aggression, the only solution are the products based on prevention technologies, and they will prove very effective in the future and will definitely replace conventional products based on detection. Comodo is currently the product wich is able to provide by combining of different technologies (Default Deny Protection, HIPS, Sandbox, AV, Firewall, etc.) the most realistic and credible prot
BluePoint Security 6/24/2010 4:49:24 PM Ovidiu G. - Not sure I understand your point. BluePoint contains some of the methodologies you mentioned, AV, deny the unknown, whitelisting etc. We strongly believe prevention is key as you mentioned, in fact that's our specialty!
Ovidiu G. 6/24/2010 5:12:45 PM What I meant is that Comodo is currently the product wich is able to provide by combining of different technologies (Default Deny Protection, HIPS, Sandbox, AV, Firewall, etc.) the most realistic and credible protection against the newest and completely unknown malwares in the wild.
Ovidiu G. 6/24/2010 5:30:48 PM Question1:Wich will be the next product that will be tested?According to the voting should be Comodo.Question2:If COmodo will be tested, will be a fair play test, ie will be with the default settings?
BluePoint Security 6/24/2010 5:30:55 PM Any product that uses those technologies should be able to easily prevent completely unknown malware. Whitelisting implemented properly will do it out of the box actually, of which there are several products using whitelisting out there. It's not about brand guys, it's about does the technology they are using make sense on the whiteboard. We've discussed which don't and which do, brands are really irrelevant.
Ovidiu G. 6/24/2010 6:07:27 PM Thanks for the reply!But so far we've seen products that are tested, not technology itself.There is an open vote for the next product to be tested.It would be nice of you to answer to the question 1 and 2. :)
BluePoint Security 6/24/2010 6:40:44 PM Since we seem to have so many Comodo users here, how would you suggest a fair test of the product? The other products we have tested are simple to install and test, Comodo will require us to either change settings or allow our downloader to run. Let's put it this way, we don't mind testing Comodo, we do mind the backlash we'll likely receive any way we go about testing it due to configuration changes.
BluePoint Security 6/24/2010 6:44:20 PM We have tried to stick to strictly default settings to keep things fair, with Comodo, that would be impossible. We're not Comodo experts and have no reason to be, last I remember we would have a decision to make, sandbox or not sandbox. That decision may break the downloader all together as sand boxing has a tendency to do. There are a few factors that would need to be addressed. Unfortunately we don't have huge amounts of time to put into testing new products as we have our own products to work on! Open to suggestions on the settings however.
Ovidiu G. 6/24/2010 6:55:14 PM CIS is a Internet Security Product as other you have tested, thats mean you must tested with default settings.You have started a poll with the next product that will be tested and I do not think you have to be expert to test the Comodo product.I think the Problem ist that you are not expected to face products better than yours (I just wanted to see a fair test,nothing else).
BluePoint Security 6/24/2010 7:03:31 PM We've just had dealings with Comodo users in the past and would like to escape the "expertise" and flamming of 15 year olds here, that's not the purpose of the site. It's a waste of all of our time. I'm not saying we won't test it, just don't come here to start trouble or your posts will be deleted. This site is meant to be a scientific way of testing products, without the opinions and flamming. Not directed at anyone specifically, but we've been through this in the past.
Ovidiu G. 6/24/2010 7:17:20 PM The purpose of any security suites is to protect the system from malware.The product must be tested to represent the logical reaction of a user with not much knowledge of computer wich does not want his system to be affected from malware.But after what I understood from your last post, Comodo will not be tested. As you have already convinced me with your objectivity, I will not bother you again. :(
Si nu am vrut decat sa vedem ■■■ s-ar descurca CIS intr-un test...doar atat... :-TD

Dar respectivii sunt destul de necunoscuti. Testul Matousec nu e destul?

Ideea era, de ce se angajeaza la o testare “publica” atata timp cat ei nu doresc decat sa promoveze doar produsele lor si au agresivitate fata de cei care au cerut sa sa se testeze Comodo. Probabil daca stiau acest lucru, nu introduceau optinea la voting pt acest produs care i-ar fi putut baga in buzunar… (de exemplu nu exista posibilitatea de votare pt Kasperksy… :D)
Oricum Matousec-ul e reprezentativ pentru testele la produsele care au la baza modulul HIPS (daca nu ma insel e si singurul).