By now it is no news any more that VNC server was being installed by opting for GeekBuddy during the CIS install.
My question is - during the CIS install will the VNC server get installed regardless i.e. even without choosing the GeekBuddy?

That is exactly what I was afraid, which is that people are not quite sure if this serious security vulnerability and fact that Comodo was hiding that a VNC server is being installed automatically and without user’s knowledge with the GeekBuddy will also be installed though a regular installation of CIS without the “buddy”.
Time for me to move on from CIS firewall after many years of using it on every single machine I have.
The only problem is, I honestly do not know where to go and find a good firewall, but will ask around.

Well Geekbuddy is their remote assistance for non-technical users, what did you think you where installing a magic ‘fix it’ bullet?

Neither I need magic nor help from Comodo.
I never installed the “buddy”. My concern was - even though I just installed the firewall without any Comodo “buddies” would Comodo still manage to install a backdoor and extremely compromises security of my machine like this is doing?
It is wrong in many ways and not sure where to start to explain it and having it coming form a security company is even less understandable.
This is just one of the places to see more about it:

If you check Google’s site, they show this is fully resolved.