Okay, I’ve been using Comodo for a couple of months, very impressed, recommending it to people that I know.

But I do have one issue. Yesterday I installed UltraVNC with the intent of using it to remote contro my PC when I want to. The trouble is that comodo is detecting it as a virus (I know it’s not) and is blocking it so I can’t connect to it. Can someone help me get it working please?

Put the UltraVNC executable in the AV exclusion list.

I just looked through Comodo Internet Security’s settings but I couldn’t find where to add the exclusions. When I do it on the alert itself, I still get warned about it.

Sorry - open CIS and click AV → AV SETTINGS and click the EXCLUSONS tab.

Ewen :slight_smile:

What version of UltraVNC are you using?


Did putting it to the exclusions help? If you have not tried please do so.