VMware Workstation 9.0.1 for Windows

VMware-workstation-full-9.0.1-894247.exe MD5 : dc3f15d6c5fc153b7f91405e4d9a2596


[attachment deleted by admin]

False alarm for the VMware setup file ?

Hi,Max_Real Qnx

Thanks for reporting.
Could you please submit the detected file at
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Hi Chunli :wink:

Unfortunately the file is deleted by the installation procedure. And Comodo can not take quarantine the file because it is used by installation procedure. So I could not find the fake file. I uninstalled comodo and installed vmware 9.1 :frowning: And reinstall comodo :wink:

Kind regards.

How can I completly stop the comodo internet security protection ? Because the problem still continues. :-TD