VMware Workstation 7.0,VMware Player 3.0 officially released!

VMware Workstation 7.0 has been officially released.
VMware Player 3.0 has been officially released.

[VMware Workstation 7.0]

[VMware Player 3.0]-Free


Very important new feature in VMware Player 3.0
Virtual Machine with Easy Install — Create a virtual machine and install any supported guest operating system with Easy Install.
(Also you can edit Vitual Hardware settings with VMware player, it was impossible with old versions)
Nice huh?

Ooooh thanks for the notice. :slight_smile:

A lot of people can install supported OS(windows, lunux ext) with VMware player 3.0.
From now on, we can call VMplayer 3.0 as ‘a free version of VMware workstation’.
I think the purpose of this new feature is to against MS Windows 7’s XP mode.

Windows XP Mode Compatible — Import a Windows XP Mode virtual machine using VMware Player 3.0 and run the virtual machine without being prompted to enter a Windows XP license key. VMware Player enables the Windows XP Mode virtual machine to take advantage of more than one processor, render high-end graphics, integrate seamlessly with Unity, and transfer files easily with drag and drop, and shared folders. VMware Player also has the ability to run concurrently with Windows XP Mode.

VMware is pretty much better than Windows 7 XP mode.