Viveice Hijack

who else has been hit with this Viveice rubbish, it took me several hours to delete it as unfortuantly Malwarebytes couldnt “kill” it, ive successfully “killed” it from my system but what i would like to know is how on earth did it hijack only my Mozilla but it didnt touch my IE

, acording to sites it only appears if you install software and not look smartly at the small tick boxes, now im no idiot when it comes to my own pc and i know what i install and what i need, so why did this peice of waste-ware decide it was OK to come onto my PC, last thing i installed was SIMS 4 via disc, i think this needs to be more made aware of for lower end users (newbies), but im asking you how did it appear on my PC overnight while watching MP4 files from my documents HDD (all my drives are check regulary), bit odd dochathink?

(i know my spelling is bad lol)

Viveice Hijack can be brought onto your system when you download things from the Internet. Thus, certain antivirus programs must be enable completely before you download something.
Viveice Hijack is similar to searcheeh, check for detailed steps to remove it.

I also get similar virus on my computer several days ago. The secret lying behind it is that it spreads in one pack with different components. I have already tried several removers (Malwarebytes, SpyHunter, McAfee) and they informed me about Viveice virus AND Search Protect, Search Module, and similar Search XXXX components. It seems that they are used to re-download Viveice to the system right after its removal. Fortunately, it seems that it is gone right now. If you are interested, I used this guide: