Visual Studio Express Error importing key Object already exists

I’m using Visual Studio C# Express edition, I have a .pvk file and a .spc file. In Visual Studio Projects section they have a signing tab, with options to sign the ClickOnce manifest and to sign the assembly. I’ve made a PFX file using pvkimprt.exe, the PFX works fine for signing my ClickOnce manifest; however, I want to use the same file for my “Sign the Assembly” part. I get an “Error Importing Key” - “Object Already Exists”. I had Comodo issue the Certificate to me as a PVK, SPC pair and also through the option where it shows automatically in Visual Studio’s certificate store.

When exporting the PFX from IE 7, I have tried checking as well as not checking the “Include all certificates in the certification path if possible option”.

Any ideas?


We do have an article on Visual Studio, but I don’t think it fits the error you are seeing.
It does however give details on exporting the certificate correctly.

Maybe this Microsoft article will be of assistance: