Visual C++ Runtime Error on Windows XP Limited Account

I am getting an Assertion Failed message from Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library on Thunderbird start-up when the Secure Email Addon is enabled.

Assertion Failed
File:…..\Common\Registry\Registry.cpp Line 263 Expression: False

This only appears on my Limited Account. Starting Thunderbird (Safe) does not show error and Thunderbird with the Secure Email addon Disabled works too.

With Secure Email enabled there appears to be no problem sending or receiving signed and encrypted messages.

Not noticed before as I tend to use an Administrator account (Naughty Boy!!!)

Hi, Valldemossa

This problem has been found and fixed.

I’ll post here as soon as new version with this fix will be released.

Thanks for Your post about problem :slight_smile:

Regards, Eugene

I am having the same problem with Vista 32.


The new Version with this fix has not been released yet.

I’ll post here as soon as it will be released.

Thanks for Your post about problem.

Regards, Eugene


The version of Comodo SecureEmail with this fix was released last week.

Release notes:

Regards, Eugene