vista x64 sp1 cmd.exe issue

I found a bug with cmf when closing cmd.exe in vista. It causes cmd to crash whenever it is closed, adding it to exclusions solves the issue.

Second on that issue. Glad I saw this post because I had no idea what was causing this. I’ve reinstalled Vista 3 times this week trying to track it down, never dawned on me that was the difference (when I originally tried CMF on Vista something messed up with the driver and I never bothered again until now). In addition to cmd.exe crashes, anything that relies on it also fails to work properly (ie foo.exe with MPICH in FaH SMP). In addition it was causing a service to crash (unsure which because the svchost.exe crash messages weren’t that specific). This was driving me nuts!

For the sake of failure analysis here’s my system info:
Vista Ultimate x64 SP1
AMD Phenom X4 9950 BE
Asus M3A78-T (AMD 790GX chipset)
2GB PC28500
CMF v2.0.4.20 x64

Practically nothing but the OS was installed because I like to get the system secured before I set it up. Only other consideration is that I am overclocking the processor, but the same errors happened at stock clocks as well. I should also note I did not try adding to exclusions, simply uninstalled CMF instead. Shutting down the program did not fix it, but uninstalling made all the problems go away immediately.

I can tell the issue also is on Vista 32bit.;msg217158#msg217158