[Vista]More disk activy with p2p program running for Appha

I was doing the ususal last night. Browsing some with Opera, talking on Yahoo Messenger and E Mule in the background. For two hours I had constant disk traffic. Initially I assumed the searchindexer and the background defragmentation of Diskeeper were the cause. Checking things out with PerfMon and disabling Diskeeper showed Comodo working very hard with the hard disk in the background. It peaked to 12 MB/min sometimes.

I don’t recall hearing this much disk usage with the previous builds or with Outpost under XP. Can anybody confirm the current build is using more HD?

Edit. I have been using my computer again tonight in the regular fashion, without E Mule running, and the HD traffic was intermittent and not continuously.

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yes, same thing happened to me while playing an online P2P game. this is not cool.