vista issue with latest update - April 28

I would like to share the below problem and resolution I just experienced, just in case anyone else encounters similar trouble.

I’m using Vista Home premium 64-bit, and have been running Comodo Internet Security for quite some time now, never had any problems. Today (April 28) I was prompted that Comodo updates were available, so I started installing them as usual.

While the Comodo updates were happening, I was working normally in my other applications, and suddenly my computer froze up. The mouse wouldn’t move, the keyboard was unresponsive so I could not access task manager, etc… I waited a few minutes and then gave up and powered off the computer.

When I turned back on the computer, I had no connection to internet or to any networks, and no matter what I tried, Windows was behaving as though my network card’s driver was out of date or incompatible.

I’ve seen Vista do this with other devices before after updates, like my CD/DVD drives, etc… so I remembered to try the device manager. I uninstalled my network card, and rebooted. It detected the “new” card, installed the drivers, but to my dismay, the network card was still not working.

Having no internet access to look at forums or troubleshoot, I decided to take a gamble and uninstall Comodo, then try again to uninstall my network card and reboot. That did the trick. After the restart, the network card was detected, and I had full access to my networks and internet. I then promptly downloaded Comodo and reinstalled it, rebooted, and now everything is fine and dandy.

Hope this fix is helpful to anyone else who is pulling their hair out right now, wondering how their network card could just suddenly “fail”. (It’s not you, it’s not your card, it’s not Comodo… it’s just Vista being quirky!)