vista gadgets [Resolved]

I’ve found that comodo shuts down the ability of vista’s side bar gadgets to determine bandwidth available over wireless connection from this workstation to the router. Right now ‘system monitor’ and ‘wireless network’ both are reporting that my wireless bandwidth is disconnected after having installed comodo and no amount of configuring can get me back to having them running correctly. Er… right now I’m posting this from the effected workstation so I’ve no problem accessing the router at present. It’s just that I cannot determine available bandwidth to be able to commit to some programs that only work with a minimum amount of access being quite high.

So this is my ‘bug’ report. (:SAD)


Do you have this issue with latest version? Can you please give more information?

I’m running version 349 and three reboots later ( not Comodo related ) the gadgets are working again. Basically, upon installing Comodo any gadget that sought to measure my connectivity wireless strength was not able to do so. I’ve had to move on since this exercise and I’ve been able to update Vista to SP1 strength ~ painless 'cause I’ve kept it up to date anyway. Upon the final reboot I noticed that the gadgets were working OK again. So for now, I do not appear to have any problems and once I’m convinced Comodo is for me and my friends, I’ll be back to support you directly.

Ok, good you solved issue. Thread will be closed now. If issue returns PM any online moderator to open.