Vista compatible? [Resolved]

Hello everybody.
Is CBOC Vista ready? If it is, how shall I install it? Do I need to run it as admin?
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Maybe this will help.
Download Link, Installation Instructions, & User Guide,8442.0.html

to install it in Vista you need to right click the installer and do a “Run as Administrator”, let it through the vista firewall, and turn off UAC [if you haven’t already], should work fine then.

Thank you both ~cat~ and strangequark. I’ll follow your advice. One more question though - how do I turn off Vista’s UAC?

P.S. I’ve just visited the CBOC download page. It lists only 2 OSs - Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Why is that?

Good Question…

I think the main reason they are not including Vista at the moment is to do with UAC which most people probably have left turned on. But if you do those couple of things I mentioned in the previous post you should be fine.
Now for that pesky UAC [or yuk as I prefer to call it] Control Panel > User Accounts > there you’ll see “Turn User Account Control on or off”

I think they are working on a version that will get around the UAC factor.

The current version 4.23 was also designed for 98, ME and Vista. But during the trial we did here before the official release there where some serious problems with 98 and Vista ( As strangequark said : UAC was the biggest problem). So Melih told us with the release that for now only 2000 and XP are supported ( I don’t know why not ME ), untill they have fixed the problems.

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