Vista compatability?

I have searched the forum for this answer, but for whatever reason I cannot find what I am looking for.
Is there a list of which of your products are Vista “compatible” and which ones are not? And if a product is not compatible then an estimated time when it will be?

something like this:

CFW Not compatible (Should be compatible in version 3 due in march sometime)
Backup Compatible now!


This would be a Great list!!! (For me anyway)



There are 10 kinds of people, Those who understand binary and those who don’t


At the moment I don’t think any of the free Comodo desktop products are Vista compatible. That should change in the near future however :wink:

Too bad (:SAD)

Will they just not run at all? or are they simply not supported? I know that lots of stuff can be run on Vista that isn’t “supported” yet.


I am not a Vista user so I could not answer that question. However one of the users here on the forum tried to install Comodo Firewall and one of the components refused to function.

Feel free to try them on Vista with XP SP2 compatibility enabled, but I do not recommend it, if I were a Vista user I would simply wait.


My first post…not to be a negative…

Hope this comes very soon since my company has already purchases two notebooks with vista preinstalled…

No way will I let the installed craplets on those machines be paid for…we use comodo on all of our xp boxes and its absolutely wonderful.

Vista support needs to come faster…RC1 and RC2 have been out forever…why the delay for a the vista launch?..

Will be checking back regularily for updates…please please sooner than later!!! (R)



Hi and welcome,

The CFP team are well into the development of version 3, and should go to a beta around end of February to start of March, with a stable release hopefully end of March - should beta testing go well.


Is the beta open to the public? I’d be interested if that is the case

Betas are open to forum members (or those who have access to the files). Check out the beta corner when it’s released.

As Soyabeaner said, when there is a decent beta they will release it to the public. However they will wait for a decent beta, they won’t release the first thing they come up with.

Keep your eyes open, they should have beta versions out in a few weeks hopefully :).


What about a Vista version of Comodo Backup?

ewen :slight_smile:

I read great reviews on this firewall, so I decided to download the program. No luck with my vista Os on my pc. With all the advance knowledge of the date that vista would be offered to the public for sale you would think they would be prepared. (:AGY)

Keep in mind that they locked security vendors out of the Kernel because of DRM and then gave a late set of API calls that can be used by the security vendors. They have to learn what the new API calls do and what they can be used for, then transfer the functionality availible on Windows XP/2000 over to the new OS.

I have no idea what and how i am meant to change the programs i have for Windows XP/2000 over to vista. As far as i know the compiler i use is meant to be updated to set tilt-bits/ manage the memory ???.

But in languages that require you to handle the memory yourself (Does not have a garbage collector) i will have to learn how to set tilt bits and stuff.

Not the easiest task.


We have answered Windows Vista compatibility questions in THIS topic.

If you have further questions please PM myself or another Mod.