Vista booting slow

Since installing Comodo, Vista takes up to 10 minutes to boot, has any one come across this problem before?

Try installing 3.0.20 and see if the problem still exists.

Why dont you try the latest version 320.

That was going to be next question, do I need to unistall the version I’ve got before installing a new version?

Excuse me, I’m not very Computer savvy.

Its best to uninstall since you have a really old version. Where did you download it from? Always download a product from the vendors site. To uninstall its best to use Revo Uninstaller in Advanced mode. Revo is free. When you use Revo and select to remove Comodo in advanced mode Comodo will uninstall and tell you too reboot. At this time dont reboot and click next on Revo and delete all registry and program entires. Reboot and install 320.

I downloaded Revo, un installed Comodo and installed the new version downloaded from Comodo, rebooted, then my problems began.

Comodo flashed up an error message saying a DLL was missing, and I couldn’t start any programs, tried to do a windows restore and it kept freezing, the only option was to do a complete factory install.

Downloaded a fresh copy of Comodo form the Comodo website, installed that and the same problem again.

I would like to stay with Comodo but with problems like that, as a relatively inexperienced PC user I’m not prepared to spend time applying fixes to a system I know nothing about risking potentially serious damage.

Seems to me from what you wrote you uninstalled it wrong. When using Revo to uninstall something first use Revo in advanced mode. When Comodo is done uninstalling and says reboot, don’t and then click no on Comodo and next on Revo, Then delete all registry and program entries then reboot. Install Comodo. You did not mention anything about reboot after uninstalling.

That’s exactly the way I did it.

Ok but thats not clear in your post. Try this.

Thanks for your help.

I’m not confident enough to use that method, and I think it’s ridiculous that Comodo has been released when those sort of hoops need to be jumped through to remove it from a system.

I’ve had to do a complete system restore to get rid of Comodo and numerous error messages left behind by it after uninstall.

Comodo has let it’s self down badly if that’s the kind of thing you have to do to update it.

Comodo is not alone here. Zone Alarm has an extensive uninstall procedure and manual clean. Symantec has a clean up tool you need to download and run in safe mode. I tried Spy Sweeper years ago and had to look through my registry to clean up all files.

Take a look here.

Bumping this one.

I’m having the same problem. I tried uninstalling (Normal uninstall) Comodo and Vista started up normally. I re-install and it’s back to 10 min booting.

I think I’ve tried turing off Comodos auto startup, but that didn’t work either. Very weird.