Vista 64, not blocking out websites

In XP what I did and it worked fine for me was to to create in My Network Zone an entry called TM_blocked, then in the My Blocked Network Zones I reference the zone TM_blocked. Under the network zone TM_blocked I added hosts (website URL’s) that I want to block.

In XP this works fine. In Vista 64 bit the web browser still shows the page. To verify I uninstalled CIS, then re-installed and just did the steps listed above and the web browser can still reach the webpages.

Any idea’s on what is happening and how to correct?

It’s better to use the website IP from what I have found, you can use this page to find the ip of websites you want to block.

EDIT: also remember to clear out your cache if you are testing because it might be blocking the site just fine but if you have already been to the website the page will be displayed from cache.

I tried to use an IP address and same thing occured - the web page came up anyways.

Any other suggestions?