Vista 64-bit Beta (with Threatcast) x64

  1. ■■■■ these latest updates! The latest beta that I switched to from the latest release (because of the release GUI errors in Vista SP1 x64) has errors too! It isn’t saving anything from one reboot to the next, and D+ isn’t asking me like it should be if I want to allow programs to run. For instance it took it upon itself to block the file “Adobelm_Cleanup.0001” without even asking me. Which in turn made my ■■■■ photoshop cs2, and acrobat 7 pro think they were installed wrong and exit with error telling me to reinstall. For a minute I was freaking out thinking someone some how stole my license. The only way around it was to shut D+ off because when I tried to mark it a safe application it didn’t keep it one or it was just ignoring my safe app list… I really like the threatcast though. Any help? Can you link me not to the newest release for Vista 64 bit but the one that is one previous. The newest release messes up for me.

Do you have any other firewall running (ie the windows firewall?) go into control panel & turn it off. Also disable the windows firewall service. Type “Services.msc” in the start search box & scroll down to “windows firewall”. Double click it & click “stop” & change “startup type” to “disabled” & restart your pc.

Or you may have a conflict with another antivirus program or something else running on your system.

Um nope Windows Firewall was shut down immediately before installing Comodo. Things I have set to boot on start-up are as follows:

  1. Comodo Firewall
  2. Comodo Memory Firewall
  3. Vista Sidebar
  4. Avira Anti-vir v.8
  5. Airport Disk Agent (Have two apple routers, and linksys dd-wrt. However, the agent is for networked disks.)
  6. Intel Graphics Driver Tray Icon
  7. Volume Icon
  8. Power Options/Monitor (It’s a laptop)

That’s it.

HERE you can download all the previous versions of CPFV3


Just click on download now and you will see the list.