Been using CAVS for some time and have just discovered that my PC has been infected by the VIRUT virus. Does CAVS not detect that virus and is there any way of removing it. When I scan with CAVS it finds nothing - when i use Avast it finds 400 infected files!! Any suggestions? Thanks


Unfortunately, VIRUT is obviously not in CAVS2 BETA’s detection library yet. Here’s a couple of links that should get you out of trouble.


N.B. This page does mention that the affected files are not the same as the originals after they have been disinfected, due to the nature of the infection. This may cause issues and you should probably restore the original files after you have disinfected.


The above info page and removal tools are provided by AVG.

Hope this works out for you.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. I have PM’d the developers to this post for their info.

I have two PCs at home and a laptop. Been using CFP and CAVS for siome time. Up until now very happy. Even have it on the kids computers in England. Used the above software and found over three thousand viruses on my three pc’s. Now very unhappy. I would suggest that there is some sort of warning about this particular and it has now practically demolished my computers. AVG picks these up very easily.

I understand your frustration, but no one anti virus, to the best of my knowledge, detects everything.

I do understand about no one program - I have looked on your site and there have been previous mentions of this virus last year. Pity for me it was not included. Is it still worth installing BOClean or does that program not find VIRUT?


Adding BOClean to you arsenal is always a good idea. it catches the malware before they can do harm.

However, I do not know if boclean has the Virut virus included, if it hasn’t it will protect you in any case against 2.000.000 different threads.


Yes, the combination of BOClean & CAVS 2 Beta is very good.

CAVS 3 will include BOClean anyway.


It won’t include BOClean nor it’s databases, but rather have it’s fuctionality :slight_smile:

That’s what I was saying :slight_smile: